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Zerubbabel: Who Was He?

Both Scottish Rite and Royal Arch Masons recognize the important role Zerubbabel plays in our ritual, but most of us (including the author) know very little about the man himself. We know, for example, that all Royal Arch Chapters are … Continue reading

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Edson Fitch

“He was the only American Citizen, retaining his allegiance as such, who ever occupied the Grand East of Masonry in a British Possession.” Edson Fitch was born in Glens Falls New York in 1838, his ancestry included an early Governor … Continue reading

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The Symbolic Degrees

The Entered Apprentice is a bearer of burdens, the Fellowcraft a skilled workman and the Master Mason a director of the work. The Entered Apprentice Degree, the first degree in Freemasonry, admonishes the candidate to obey the rules and regulations … Continue reading

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What is a Royal Arch Mason?

WHAT IS A ROYAL ARCH MASON? Unknown A ROYAL ARCH MASON is a man who began his Masonic career by seeking light as an ENTERED APPRENTICE. Thus entering upon his labors and duties diligently, he soon realized the need for … Continue reading

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Creating Interest in Masonry

The following is a lightly edited short talk which speaks to Creating Interest in new and current members alike. CREATING INTEREST Written by R.W. Brother Edward L. Bennett, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Washington. Originally presented at the … Continue reading

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Investigating Committee Tips

1 . First and foremost, take the responsibility seriously and be thoroughly prepared to represent Freemasonry and its tenets. Business dress is recommended. Remember that you are representing the Craft. Make the appointment to meet at a time that is … Continue reading

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Quality Masonry

Masonry is quality. Be proud that you belong to an organization which has stood for quality in its lodges longer than this country has existed. Be glad that the rest of the world is catching up. Use this chapter with … Continue reading

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