History Being Made in Massena

NY Royal Arch Masons

NY Royal Arch Masons

For a number of years, Massena Chapter 300 Royal Arch Masons in New York has been struggling. It is unclear why since there are at least 15 Lodges within a 25 mile radius but the Chapter was dead for all intents and purposes. And since the Chapter was dormant, so became the Commandry.

The Chapter Renewal Team (CRT) of the Grand Chapter State of New York Royal Arch Masons made numerous visits to the area to no avail.

The Grand Line hosted an informal meeting to discuss the options of the Chapter, one of those options included the surrender of its charter.  But no one was ready to give up.  After visits to a number of lodges and finally locating a couple of local “sparks” something amazing began to happen.  A “spark” is defined as an individual that does not belong but is willing to carry the banner.  The “sparks” took to the streets and began to expound the merits of the York Rite.

Within 2 weeks, these brothers had accumulated 17 new petitions for this Chapter, a Chapter that they were not yet members of. Now the Grand High Priest, who is not a fan of Degree Festivals, recognized that this was an opportunity that would not come again, ordered that a Degree Festival be scheduled as soon as possible.

And so it was done. The Degree Festival (all 4 Degrees) was scheduled for Saturday, November 30, 2013 at Massena.  He inspired the Grand Line to take part in all the degrees and even acquired the General Grand High Priest of RAM International to present a lecture in the Holy Royal Arch Degree. It did not take much convincing since Massena has been a pet project of M:. E:. Harrison for a number of years.

News spread quickly to every part of the state and candidates expressed interest in attending from Syracuse and Warrensburg and beyond. What started out as an effort to revitalize a Chapter has grown into inspiration for a jurisdiction.

You can be a part of this historical event. The location of the Chapter is 90 Main Street, Massena, NY. Registration is at 8 AM and the Mark Master Mason Degree will begin at 9 AM. Lunch will be provided after the first section of the Most Excellent Master Degree.  All Royal Arch Masons are invited to attend.

If you need directions of other information, please contact Al Bryant ambryant@qmhs.org

Don’t miss this historic occasion.


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