Introduction To The Allied Masonic Degrees

The Allied Masonic Degrees are detached degrees, which, many years ago, were conferred under Craft Warrants and formed a part of the loosely governed Freemasonry, which afterward eliminated all save the three Craft degrees and the Royal Arch. All old references to the Royal Arch were invariably to the “Excellent Super Excellent Royal Arch Masons,” which comprised three grades. The Super Excellent has long since been discontinued, save in the veil-working of Irish Royal Arch Chapters, while the Excellent Master is a predicate to the Royal Arch in the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapters of Scotland and is worked in English Councils of Royal & Select Master The other degrees, likewise, were worked in Craft Lodges in both America and the British Isles. When Freemasonry discontinued the working of outside degrees, these degrees became practically dormant, although they were perpetuated and finally formed their own supreme heads, in many instances. They were finally grouped together under a governing head and hence the title of “Allied Masonic Degrees;” they have been allied together for mutual benefit and perpetuation. The working of these degrees in America is encouraged, but not required; the blanket obligation of the Council binding the newly invited brother sufficiently. Where it is possible, Grand Council recommends that some of the degrees be worked each year in order that the members may be fully informed as to the working. Membership in an Allied Council is limited by law to twenty-seven, and then only by invitation. It is predicated upon Royal Arch Masonry. Officers of a Council are the same as of a Craft Lodge, although the opening and closing ceremonies must remain true to the form prescribed.

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District Deputy Grand Master Saratoga-Warren District 1998-2000; Grand Lodge Leadership Services Committee; Leadership Development Course Coordinator; Vice Chairman Grand Master's Educational Task Force; Vice Chairman Grand Lodge Child ID Committee; District Deputy Grand High Priest 14th Capitular District; Grand Master of the 1st Veil 2010; Grand Master 2nd Veil 2011; Grand Master 3rd Veil 2012 Grand Royal Arch Captain 2013 Grand Principal Sojourner 2014 Grand Captain of the Host 2015 Warren County Historical Society Board of Trustees; Queensbury Masonic Historical Society Charter Member; State Chairman Lodges & Buildings Committee Deputy Grand Master's Advisory Committee
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