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The Two Pillars

THE Fellow-Craft is introduced to the wonders of his world of art and science through portals flanked by two massive pillars. Detailed description of these pillars in the Books of Kings indicates a style of design common to Egyptian architecture, … Continue reading

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Masonry in Colonial United States

Masonry arrived in the Colonies in 1682 when John Skene of Aberdeen Lodge, came to Burlington, New Jersey. Nothing much more is known of him. Over the next 50 years Colonial Freemasons exercised the immemorial right of Masons to form … Continue reading

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Origins of Freemasonry

Without a doubt, Masonry has existed from the time when “the memory of man runneth not to the contrary” – that is from “time immemorial.” Some Masonic writers in the late 190′ Century claimed Noah as our founder. Those of … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Masonic Leader

The Masonic Leader is a new site dedicated to the promotion of Masonic education.  Articles are published in 4 Masonic categories: Education, History, Philosophy, and Symbolism.  The site is open to the public so please keep that in mind when … Continue reading

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