Masonic Secrets Revealed

552492_438549696167719_946580731_nSome believe that with¬† the advent of the internet, all the secrets of Freemasonry have been revealed. They forget that books like Morgan’s Expose and Duncan’s Ritual revealed these secrets long ago. Even the History Channel had a Masonic expose where they showed a degree. Unfortunately, they got the degrees mixed up.

Neo-Masons believe that the philosophy and symbols should remain secret. The beehive, broken column, weeping widow, 47th problem of Euclid, working tools, point within the circle, columns, 3-5-7, and much more should be kept private. And yet, modern day authors like Anthony Mongelli, John Nagy, Piers Vaughan, and Arturo de Hoyos write about these topics every day. All of these Brothers are on Facebook and you can find their publications on Amazon or Lulu.

Traditionally, the signs of recognition have been kept secret but even these are available online or in Duncan’s.

So what exactly is the “secret” of Freemasonry? Yes, there is a great secret of Freemasonry and even though it will be revealed to you in this post and it is available all over the internet, you will not recognize it, nor will you understand it. What can be so profound, so intense, and so symbolic that you can read about it and still not understand it?

Here is the only great secret of Masonry – the experience, the emotion and the feelings that you have when you walk the path of so many millions who have gone before you. You can read about it in books and on the internet but until you have entered the temple of your soul you cannot understand it. The Masonic Degrees set you on a new path that will have a positive effect on you for the rest of your life. There is nothing that can describe this. There is nothing that can be put down on paper that will make you understand, you have to experience it first hand.

If you are not a Mason yet then I suggest that you seek out a Lodge in your area. Meet the Brothers in that Lodge and if you feel comfortable, then I invite you to have an experience of a lifetime. An experience that I cannot explain but I guarantee will change your life forever. Best of luck to you.

The grand object of Masonry is to promote the happiness of the human race

George Washington


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