Part 21: The Order of St. John of Jerusalem

Literally, like some American Western, it was the cavalry to the rescue. Unknown to the defenders, from the old fort at Medina,  the fort that Mustapha arrogantly had bypassed,  the cavalry unit of the Order sallied forth and raided the Turkish camp causing mass confusion and panic.  Successfully causing the retreat of the main army. It is said this was a pivotal moment of the battle and literally saved the day.

The Turks after recovering from this surprise, began their bombardment with renewed urgency. A dispatch was slipped into St. Angelo from Don Garcia the Governor of Sicily saying he would bring a relief force of 16,000 by the end of August. 11 The Grand Master was not confident that the relief would come in time and made a crucial decision to destroy the bridges linking the 3 fortifications held by the Knights and the Maltese, thus forcing the Turks to keep its forces spread out and very likely by doing so “saved both Malta and the Order of St. John”.12

About leader

District Deputy Grand Master Saratoga-Warren District 1998-2000; Grand Lodge Leadership Services Committee; Leadership Development Course Coordinator; Vice Chairman Grand Master's Educational Task Force; Vice Chairman Grand Lodge Child ID Committee; District Deputy Grand High Priest 14th Capitular District; Grand Master of the 1st Veil 2010; Grand Master 2nd Veil 2011; Grand Master 3rd Veil 2012 Grand Royal Arch Captain 2013 Grand Principal Sojourner 2014 Grand Captain of the Host 2015 Warren County Historical Society Board of Trustees; Queensbury Masonic Historical Society Charter Member; State Chairman Lodges & Buildings Committee Deputy Grand Master's Advisory Committee
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