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So I was watching a special program on the Science cable channel about Secret Societies and I was left wondering where they get their information from.  The program covered a few of the groups that the conspiracy nuts love to talk about including OTO (Ordi TempliOrientis), Bilderbergs, and of course, the Freemasons.

During the Freemason segment, which was the largest segment of the program, they interviewed a supposed 32nd Degree Mason.  His first point was regarding the disgust that overwhelmed him during his first degree. Before I get into the meat of the discussion, one must raise the question if he was disgusted by the first degree, why did he continue with the other 31?

Anyway, his first complaint was during the preparation for the first degree, he was divested of all metallic substances, even his wedding ring and his crucifix. His argument was that if Freemasonry holds family and religion in such high esteem, why remove those objects? One only has to listen to the lectures in the second section of the degree to understand the purpose of that exercise. In those lectures, it explains that metal tools were not used in the construction of King Solomon’s Temple, and secondly that you might not bring anything offensive or defensive into the lodge. More importantly, the lack of any metal teaches the feeling of complete destitution and it demonstrates the need to help our fellow man in like destitute conditions. It was obvious that this individual was asleep during those lectures.

His went on to say that when he was received into the lodge they drew blood and that the obligations were nothing more than “blood” oaths. I was totally amazed that the Science Channel would allow this misinformation to be broadcast.  Our Degree rituals do nothing more than teach us life lessons to be carried to the outside world.  There is no hazing or levity and the degrees are serious ceremonies interlaced with symbols and allegories. True, some men don’t get it, and that is why there are so many training courses like the Masonic Development Course to explain these symbols.

The final blow came when this supposed “Mason” explained that in the ritual of the 32nd Degree that is spells out that the goal of Freemasonry is to rule the world.  Somehow, I must have missed that degree because I have no recollection of that line in the ritual in any degree.

The Science Channel is part of the Discovery Network.  Normally I tend to watch programs about nature or ancient history.  After watching this particular program, I’m beginning to wonder how accurate their other programs are, if they allow these falsehoods to be broadcast? What kind of research goes into programs? Do they broadcast these segments without doing any research into the credentials of the guests or validity of the topic?

Their website does not allow contact or comments so if you’ve read this article, please pass it on.  Maybe someone from that network will pick it up and investigate.  I, for one, will not be wasting my time on the Discovery Network if I can’t be sure that their facts are accurate.

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  1. Warren WingerNo Gravatar says:

    I have not seen the specific show you referenced, however, I have seen similar shows aired on the Discovery Channel and elswhere. Disgusting!

    “…I was left wondering where they get their information from.”

    I have noticed that the talking heads, if they claim to be masons, are usually officers of lodges or grand lodges which you and I would not consider ‘regular’ lodges, ie: Grand Lodge of London – not United Grand Lodge of England; Grand Lodge of Washington, D. C. – not Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia; etc.

    If they have a creditable Masonic representative, such as S. Brent Morris, they take his words out of context, sometimes even cutting words out of sentences to make it appear that he is saying something he did not. And in the case of non-masons, they have a ready supply of conspiracy-theorists who are more than happy to have a television audience for their sick beliefs.

    I also noticed that conspiracy oriented presentations are replete with phrases such as: “…it is said…”; “…some believe…”; “… one possibility is…”; etc.

    “…neither are you to suffer your zeal for the institution to lead you into argument with those who through ignorance may ridicule it.” [From the Charge to the Entered Apprentice Mason as given in the Grand Jurisdiction of Texas, A. F. & A. M.]

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