The History of Glens Falls Lodge 121 F. & A. M.

Glens Falls was the first Lodge organized in Warren County after the Morgan Affair.  Area Masons petitioned Grand Lodge to form a new Lodge on January 16, 1847.  Charter was granted on June 8th of that same year.

Charter members include:

  • Avery Tiffany (a carpenter who completed the Presbyterian Meeting House in 1849),
  • Enoch Ellis,
  • King Allen,
  • John Martin,
  • Ezekiel Holman,
  • Stillman Fickett,
  • Stevens Carpenter,
  • Daniel S. Newton,
  • Alfred Fisher,
  • Henry Spencer,
  • John Strong,
  • Bethuel Peck (President of Glens Falls Mutual Ins. Co.),
  • Benjamin Tinney.

Of these, Enoch Ellis, Henry Spencer & Bethuel Peck had been prominent members of the old Hamilton Lodge.

The first meeting was held on February 23, 1847.  The following were elected: Avery Tiffany, Master; S.H. Pickett, Senior Warden; K. Allen, Junior Warden; John Martin, Secretary; Enoch Ellis, Treasurer; E. Holman, Senior Deacon; S. Carpenter, Junior Deacon; S. Pike, Tiler.

The first meeting place of Glens Falls Lodge 121 was dedicated on June 24, 1847 which was the Music House (Hall).  Starting in 1848 the Lodge met in the upper story of the Bethuel Peck Building on Glen Street.  On December 27, 1860, the Lodge dedicated new rooms in a building owned by Hiram Colvin (Col. of 31st NY Militia in War of Rebellion) on a site occupied by Fowlers Store, at that time called “The Exchange”.

Dr. Austin W. Holden (author of The History of the Town of Queensbury; member of State Assembly in 1874) was the only person who ever held the mastership in both Glens Falls & Senate Lodges.

Glens Falls recommended the formation of a Lodge at Ft. Edward on May 26, 1852; February 7, 1855 at Sandy Hill; January 21, 1857 at Warrensburg.

It was still the age of candles, antique lanterns and unpaved streets in this little village.  Gas lights made their appearance in 1854.  Lodge meetings were generally held in afternoons.

Members in public life:

  • Joseph Kellogg, Justice of Supreme Court;
  • Russell Little, State Senator;
  • Isaac Davis (County Judge 1871-77), Enoch Rosekrans, Lyman Jenkins, Howard Glassbrook, County Judges;
  • Westley Hicks, Daniel Brown, County Clerks;
  • Joseph Kellogg Attorney General;
  • Joseph Russell Member of U.S. Congress 1845-47 & 1851-53;
  • Thomas MacArthur member of Constitutional Convention;
  • Nelson VanDusen, State Assemblyman in 1882;
  • Lyman Jenkins District Attorney;
  • W.  Griffing, Milton Tibbits, Edward Bartholemew, Mayors of Glens Falls;
  • B.  Sprague County Treasurer;
  • Westley Hicks, Daniel Ferguson, Joseph Mead, Edward Reed, Sheriffs;
  • Charles Thompson, N.  VanDusen, H.P. King, Supervisors;
  • Enoch Ellis Justice of Peace;
  • Rueben Baxter, an architect & marble dealer, was commissioned by the citizens of Glens Falls in 1866 to erect a monument to the soldiers who died during the Civil War.  It was dedicated on May 30, 1872, and still stands.

About leader

District Deputy Grand Master Saratoga-Warren District 1998-2000; Grand Lodge Leadership Services Committee; Leadership Development Course Coordinator; Vice Chairman Grand Master's Educational Task Force; Vice Chairman Grand Lodge Child ID Committee; District Deputy Grand High Priest 14th Capitular District; Grand Master of the 1st Veil 2010; Grand Master 2nd Veil 2011; Grand Master 3rd Veil 2012 Grand Royal Arch Captain 2013 Grand Principal Sojourner 2014 Grand Captain of the Host 2015 Warren County Historical Society Board of Trustees; Queensbury Masonic Historical Society Charter Member; State Chairman Lodges & Buildings Committee Deputy Grand Master's Advisory Committee
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