Part 19: The Order of St. John of Jerusalem

His plan was to send one force by water at the northwest side of the Senglea where ships could be run up onto the shore, a second force against  the landward wall and a third force, his  ace up his sleeve,  his Janissaries, who were the shock troops of the Turkish army, the best of the best.  His plan… while the Knights were distracted defending on two fronts, he would send 1000 of his best troops in 10 boats to storm a low wall on the north east tip of Senglea.  This was to be the  coup de gerre.

On July 15th, the  massive attack was launched, the water attack was anticipated by the Knights and  thwarted by a series of underwater stakes and other underwater obstructions, that stopped the Turkish ships from landing.  Stuck on these , the Turks were sitting ducks, for the musketeers,  when the Turks went into the water to cut down the stakes, Maltese swimmers engaged them and a savage hand to hand battle developed in the sea.

Even with the setback the simultaneous attack was working, the Turks mass assault  had scaled the walls of Fort St. Michael.

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